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"The family behind the bottle" The Seifarth family of Crane Creek Vineyards

In 1992, Eric & DeAnne Seifarth faced a profound life shift...

During their Army service on an assignment in Italy, their newborn son, Sam, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. They both knew that their lives were going to change dramatically, and they wanted to be masters of that change. With Sam’s diagnosis, they yearned for a slower pace of life. Taking an early retirement from the Army in 1995, they relocated to the North Georgia Mountains with toddler Sam and their newest son, six-month-old Peter.

Inspired by winegrowing from his days spent in Italy, Eric ventured into an almost unknown territory:

Viticulture in Georgia.

They began with two 50-foot rows of Seyval Blanc. This was a pioneering move, with very few vineyards in Georgia at the time, especially none as far north. Though progress was gradual, those vines eventually flourished, providing hope.

Eric and DeAnne’s first “harvest” of the Seyval Blanc was in 1997. The small amount that was picked was processed into a rustic wine–while flawed in many ways, it was still one of the best glasses of wine they had ever tasted! 

As the vineyard grew eventually, they looked for places to sell their grapes. Their first outlet was Three Sisters Vineyard in Dahlonega Georgia. Doug Paul & his family, another industry pioneer, had started their winery two years prior to Crane Creek and graciously offered to help process their wine.

A turning point:

In September of 2001, just a week after the tragic events of 9/11, Crane Creek Vineyards welcomed guests to its first tasting room, quaintly set in the historic 1886 Bryson Farmhouse.

In 2003, they broke ground and built their winery & production space, though it maintained limited production due to space constraints. 

However, in 2008, the real estate downturn presented an opportunity. Seizing the moment, Crane Creek took a gamble and more than doubled its acreage, paving the way for greater growth.

As the years passed,

their youngest son Peter went off to college and reconnected with a high school friend, Jess. They spent summers working together in the vines, started falling in love, and slowly learned the family trade. 

After college, and sharing a transformative year in Nepal on a Fulbright Fellowship, in 2018 they decided to embed their future with Crane Creek and help to grow the business. Now married, the duo spearheads many of the day-to-day operations with Peter acting as Head Winemaker & VP, and Jess acting as Marketing Coordinator. 

Recent years have seen Crane Creek grow in leaps and bounds. 2020 brought a collaboration with Sid & Nina Kurrimbukus, making Crane Creek the home of their independently owned and operated restaurant, Paris & Company

In 2021, The Stone House tasting room and events space was unveiled, while the venerable Bryson Farmhouse transformed into the Farmhouse Market.

Today, Crane Creek Vineyards stands as a testament to the Seifarth's pioneering spirit in Georgia's burgeoning wine industry.

Although the “slower pace” DeAnne and Eric originally sought has remained elusive, they embarked on an unforgettable adventure! Together, we look forward to many more beautiful years of growth. 

Here’s to the friends, guests, and colleagues who’ve made this journey unforgettable over the last quarter-century. A heartfelt Cheers to you!

  • Sam and Eric Riding the Tractor
    Sam & Eric | 1995
  • Seifarth cousins Crane Creek Vineyards
    Cousin Jac and Baby Peter | 1995
  • DeAnne & Sam Crane Creek Vineyards
    DeAnne & Sam by the Farmhouse | 1995
  • Eric & Peter Seifarth young, rainbow
    Eric & Peter | 1997
  • crane creek vineyards red barn
    Old Red Barn | 1995
  • crane creek vineyards barn painting
    Grandpa Dale, Barn Painting | 1996
  • Eric carrying Peter Crane Creek Vineyards
    Eric & Peter by the Farmhouse | 1997
  • Sam & Peter Crane Creek Vineyards
    Brothers Sam & Peter | 1999
  • crane creek winery 2003
    Winery Crew | 2003
  • Eric & Sam Crane Creek Vineyards
    Eric & Sam | 2005
  • sweet sally crane creek vineyards
    First Bottle of Sweet Sally | 2007
  • Peter and Sally Crane Creek Vineyards
    Peter & Sally | 2007
  • David & Sam Bulletproof Concert 2008
    Sam & David Grilling Out | 2008
  • crane creek vineyards hill-side pre-planted
    Hillside, Pre-planted | 2008
  • Seifarth Family Crane Creek Vineyards
    Seifarth Family | 2013
  • Eric and DeAnne Seifarth
    Eric & DeAnne | 2015
  • Peter & Jess Crane Creek Vineyards
    Peter & Jess Produce Stand | 2015
  • stone house crane creek vineyards
    Stone House (residence/pre-tasting room) | 2015
  • farmhouse tasing room snow crane creek vineyards
    Snowy Farmhouse Tasting Room
  • bryson farmstead crane creek vineyards
    Bryson Farmstead | circa 1940's
  • Crane creek vineyards 1995
    Lower Pond, Farmland | 1995
  • bryson farmstead crane creek vineyards
    Bryson Farmstead, Hill View | circa 1940's
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