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As spring is upon us here at Crane Creek the pace of life starts to get more rapid. Just like the sap in the vines, we are waking up and gearing up for the vintage ahead.

We are currently wrapping up the winter pruning with only the Norton remaining at this typing. Then we will move to trellis repair and maintenance and other neglected farm chores (which are never-ending).

This spring will not include any large new plantings for the first time in many years. A lot of replants will be accomplished and conversion to new trellis training systems will be initiated.

Our new State Viticulturist, Dr. Cain Hicky did some trials on our Traminette last growing seasons and his quadrilateral cordon system had impressive results. So much so we are converting the remaining block of vines! Thanks for your hard work Dr. Hicky!

We are also installing an “open lyre” trellis system to a new block of Cabernet Franc planted in the spring of 2017. We are hoping the system will help increase yields and control vigor on a naturally over vigorous variety.

My newest babies, a Cornell University hybrid; “Marquette” will be going into their second season. I am eager to see how these Pinot Noir cousins perform and am excited to add another red to our inventory of wines.

The pace in the winery itself has slowed down considerably. The frantic activity of harvest and the post-production season are over for the 2017 vintage. Most the reds are safely sleeping in barrels and the whites are getting tweaked for bottling later in the spring and summer.

Here in the Tasting Room we are tightening up the 2018 schedule and finalizing plans for our many events this year. A new addition to Crane Creek will be our new Bocce Ball court! I have wanted to install one for many years and it is finally happening! Look for the opportunity to sign up for our summer bocce tournament!

Again, as always I must once again thank you all, our friends and customers. You all are critical to making this dream of ours continue over twenty-two years!

Eric Seifarth

Crane Creek Vineyards